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Signs of Trouble With Your Water Main


The water main is one of the lifelines for your house, transporting the water you use every day into the plumbing. The water main is buried under your property and probably isn’t something you’ll need to think about often. Until you’re forced to! Although water mains can last for decades, they can also suffer from damage due to shifting soil, reactions with chemicals in the water, or the infiltration of tree and plant roots.

If you’ve got trouble with your water main, you’ll need the best in professional plumbing repair in Stuart, FL to get it fixed. Our plumbers are ready to help you, and we offer 24-hour emergency service. But if you notice the early warning signs of water main issues, you can get us out early before your water supply gets cut off entirely! 

Follow along and we’ll go over the most common signs of water main problems.

Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed a drop in water pressure all throughout your house? This often points toward a problem in the water line, such as blockages. It might also be a stuck water shut-off valve or a municipal water supply problem, so check on these first before calling for plumbers to look into your water main.

Dirty and Discolored Water

If the water line suffers from breaks and leaks, it can allow dirt into the main and then into your water supply, leading to cloudy and discolored water. If you see a rusty discoloration, it may indicate severe corrosion inside the water main. (If the rusty discoloration only comes from hot water taps, the problem is likely the water heater.)

Water Leaks on Your Property

Have you noticed damp patches on your lawn or other parts of your property, or pools of water, that don’t have explanations? This could mean a leak in the water main. The water can also pool around the foundation of your home, in the crawlspace, or basement. Also watch for cracks in the hardscape that seem to be leaking water.

Large Increase in Water Bills

Leaks in the water main can contribute to a significant spike in your water bills. You’ll want to have plumbers first check for hidden leaks around your house using leak detection, then determine if the water main is at fault.

Strange Plumbing Sounds

Trouble in your water main can cause strange noises inside your plumbing, like banging, clanging, and gurgling. If these problems are occurring all around your house rather than in one spot, it’s more likely that the problem is the water main.

Loss of Water

The biggest warning that you might have a damaged water main is if your water supply vanishes completely. We recommend you first check that this isn’t a concern with the municipal water supply: check with your neighbors to see if they’re experiencing the same problem and call the utility company. If this doesn’t explain the issue, don’t waste any time calling our professional plumbers.

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