Stop the Drip, Save the Day: How Whole-Home Leak Detection Protects Your Castle and Wallet

February 22nd, 2024

Imagine this: you’re on vacation, basking in the sun, carefree and relaxed. Suddenly, your phone buzzes with an alert: a leak has sprung in your home! Panic sets in, visions of water damage and skyrocketing repair bills flood your mind. But wait! You have a secret weapon: a whole-home leak detection system, your silent guardian against aquatic disasters.

But what exactly is whole-home leak detection? How does it work its magic? And most importantly, can it really save you money on your homeowners insurance?

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We Recommend Regular Drain Cleaning—Here’s Why

February 5th, 2024

When you’ve got a clogged drain or toilet, what do you do? The best first step is to reach for a plunger, which can help get rid of minor clogs. You may also attempt to use a simple drain auger. If those basic tactics don’t work, you’ll need to call for drain cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL with our team. (Don’t use chemical drain cleaners! They can harm your drains and harm you.)

But a clogged or slow drain isn’t the only reason to call us for drain cleaning. We recommend you make drain cleaning a regular part of preventive maintenance in your house and schedule it yearly. If you only think of drain cleaning as a way to fix a problem like a clog, you might find this surprising. Regular drain cleaning, however, has some excellent benefits.

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Signs of Trouble With Your Water Main

January 22nd, 2024

The water main is one of the lifelines for your house, transporting the water you use every day into the plumbing. The water main is buried under your property and probably isn’t something you’ll need to think about often. Until you’re forced to! Although water mains can last for decades, they can also suffer from damage due to shifting soil, reactions with chemicals in the water, or the infiltration of tree and plant roots.

If you’ve got trouble with your water main, you’ll need the best in professional plumbing repair in Stuart, FL to get it fixed. Our plumbers are ready to help you, and we offer 24-hour emergency service. But if you notice the early warning signs of water main issues, you can get us out early before your water supply gets cut off entirely! 

Follow along and we’ll go over the most common signs of water main problems.

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Aren’t Getting Enough Hot Water? Here’s What May Be Wrong With Your Water Heater

January 8th, 2024

Water is the source of life. And hot water sure seems like a close second, doesn’t it? We know that it’s hard to imagine getting through a typical day if there wasn’t hot water flowing from taps and showerheads when we needed it.

You’ve enjoyed a steady supply of hot water from your water heater. But now, something is wrong. The water is running out earlier, and that’s making mornings in your household into a stampede to get to the showers first. What’s wrong, and do you need water heater repair in Lake Worth, FL, or possibly even a new water heater?

We’re here to answer your questions about why you’ve got a water heater that isn’t holding up its half of the bargain.

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Why Your House Has Low Water Pressure

December 25th, 2023

You’ve noticed something wrong with the water coming from the faucets and showerheads in your house: the water pressure is much lower, and it’s making regular tasks annoying if not downright impossible. Why has the water pressure dropped so suddenly?

In this post, we’ll look at several of the possible causes of a decline in water pressure in your home and help you know when you’ll need to call for professional plumbing service in Lake Worth, FL to fix it.

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Why You May Need a Water Softener for Your Home 

December 11th, 2023

Hard water is a common problem we face with our water supply. The “hardness” of water is a measure of its mineral content: the more minerals such as calcium and magnesium are suspended in the water, the harder the water is. Hard water can often escape through municipal treatment plants because the minerals enter the water through the pipes, transporting it to homes and businesses.

Hard water won’t hurt you to drink. In fact, the minerals in hard water are considered part of a regular diet and are found in many of the foods and liquids you consume. But you still don’t want hard water in your house, and to counteract it requires arranging for our team to install a whole-house water softener in Lake Worth, FL.

Here’s why a water softener is so beneficial if you’ve got hard water in your house.

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Emergency Plumbing: When Do You Need It?

November 27th, 2023

Almost any plumbing problem can seem like an emergency if it strikes at the right time and you’re already frazzled from other issues. If your gut instinct tells you that you’ve got a plumbing problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, go with your gut! Even if it turns out that the trouble wasn’t as urgent as you thought, you won’t regret that you called professional plumbers to look into it. We’re ready with the 24-hour emergency plumbing in Lake Worth, FL you need, no matter the fiasco you have on your hands.

But let’s take a breath, step back, and look at the bigger picture of your home plumbing so we can ask the question, “What plumbing problems are the most urgent?” We’ll look into the situations that require emergency plumbing. 

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Signs You May Need Repiping for Your Home

November 13th, 2023

It’s easy to think of the plumbing in a home as something that will always endure for as long as the house is around. But this isn’t true—pipes wear down over time like anything else in a house, and piping material also becomes outdated. At some point, you’ll need to have some amount of repiping in your home. It might be limited, or you may need to opt for whole-house repiping. 

We’re the team you can trust for your needs for repiping in Lake Worth, FL. We work with materials supported by the broader plumbing industry and we never cut corners. No matter what amount of repiping you need, we’ll see you get the best service possible.

If you’re wondering how to tell that you need repiping, we’ve put together a list of warning signs to watch for.

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6 Warning Sounds From a Malfunctioning AC to Listen For

October 16th, 2023

At some point in the future, we may have air conditioning systems with intricate diagnosis programs that allow them to immediately alert homeowners to malfunctions and their exact causes so they can receive the proper repairs as soon as possible. Since we aren’t at this technological point yet, homeowners need to understand the other signs ACs will send when they aren’t working right. One of the most important of these signs are unusual noises.

Since you run your air conditioning system for many hours throughout the year, you know what it sounds like under normal conditions. When some new or loud noise interrupts the gentle whir of the fans, the compressor, and the occasional drip of water, it may mean you need to call us for AC repair in Lake Worth, FL. Below we’ll go over six of the most common of these air conditioning warning sounds. 

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Don’t Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Drains!

October 2nd, 2023

We know that clogged drains are one of the biggest nuisances you can encounter with your plumbing. They’re frustrating, and sometimes you just want to get rid of them as fast as possible. You already tried using a sink or toilet plunger, and when that didn’t work, you next reached for a trusty bottle of liquid drain cleaner…

We’ll stop you right there: no matter what promises these so-called “drain cleaners” may make, no matter how many of them are on the shelves at the store, they should never go down any of the drains in your home. No professional plumber recommends using them. If you have an obstinate drain clog that a plunger won’t clear, the best next step is to call us for professional drain cleaning in Lake Worth, FL.

What’s so bad about store-bought drain cleaners? We’ll explain below.

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