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Meet The Team

Staff Member

Erica and Danny

Daniel - Owner & Vice President

With a robust career in the plumbing trade that began in 1996, Daniel Barnes is more than just an owner and Vice President at General Plumbing. His journey from apprentice to service technician, service manager, and now owner, reflects his multifaceted expertise and dedication to the industry.

Daniel, alongside his wife Erica, manages the family business, carrying on her tradition as a third-generation business owner. Daniel’s passion lies in educating the next generation, instilling his vast knowledge to empower his team, enabling them to excel and reach both company and personal goals.

Innovation and growth drive Daniel's vision for the company. Always at the forefront, he constantly explores new avenues and strategies to stay ahead of the curve. His ultimate goal is not just the growth of the company but to leave behind a significant and lasting legacy.

What truly sets Daniel apart is his remarkable ability to form meaningful relationships. Whether with employees, customers, or partners, his genuine care and dedication are evident. He nurtures a deep bond with his team, encouraging their growth and development while fostering a work culture built on support and collaboration.

Daniel Barnes stands as the driving force behind General Plumbing, leading with a blend of wisdom, innovation, and a profound commitment to the success and well-being of his team and the company as a whole.

As the Owner and President of General Plumbing, Erica plays a pivotal role alongside her husband Daniel in steering the company. She hails from a rich family legacy, where her grandfather initiated the family plumbing business, later succeeded by her mother, Susan. Now, Erica proudly represents the third generation of this cherished tradition.

Erica - Owner & President

Having a background in teaching, Erica brings an educator's spirit into her diverse interests. She finds joy in singing at church and part-time teaching with Young Singers of the Palm Beaches, weaving her passion for music and education into her life outside the plumbing realm.

An advocate for women in the industry, Erica recently joined Women in Plumbing and Piping to encourage and empower more females to join this field. She draws inspiration from her mother's teachings, believing that being a woman doesn't hold you back; it provides you with more power and determination to succeed.

Staff Member


Customer Accounts Maestro

Amy is the detail-oriented maestro behind our customer accounts at General Plumbing. With a decade of dedicated service, she's the backbone of our team, efficiently dispatching service specialists and meticulously handling all paperwork with precision.

Amy's journey with us traces back even before the transition to new ownership in 2013. As the original General Plumbing employee, her wealth of experience and pride in serving long-time customers and newcomers alike is unparalleled.

Her commitment to excellence ensures that every customer receives top-notch service, reflecting her dedication and passion for the company and its patrons.

Amy stands as an invaluable cornerstone of our team, ensuring that our operations run seamlessly and our customers receive the exceptional service they deserve. 

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Meet Colin D., our dedicated Service Specialist Plumber at General Plumbing, Inc. Newly married and full of passion for his work, Colin is always ready to tackle plumbing challenges with a smile. Don't be surprised if you catch him feeling "hangry" – a protein bar is his secret weapon to stay on top of his game. Beyond pipes and wrenches, Colin's heart belongs to sports, and he's set to graduate from his apprenticeship this May, taking the next step on his journey to become a skilled journeyman plumber. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Colin brings his commitment and expertise to our team every day.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Curtis, a plumbing service specialist, approaches his work with a remarkable attention to detail. As a second-year apprentice, his commitment to precision ensures that each task is handled meticulously, reflecting his dedication to delivering high-quality service.

Not only does Curtis excel in the plumbing trade, but he also competes in Jujitsu, showcasing his determination, focus, and a keen eye for detail, both in and out of the field.

His work ethic extends beyond his craftsmanship. Curtis's punctuality is commendable; he shows up on time, ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. His reliability is a testament to his commitment to the job and the team.

Always eager to expand his knowledge, Curtis embodies a spirit of continuous learning. He approaches each task as an opportunity to grow, seeking more responsibilities to further his expertise within the plumbing industry.

With a combination of attention to detail, punctuality, and a thirst for knowledge, Curtis is a driving force in the plumbing field, dedicated to mastering his craft and continuously improving his skills.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Introducing Damian A., our esteemed Service Specialist Plumber at General Plumbing, Inc. Damian is not only a skilled plumber but also an Army Reservist on the cusp of retirement next year, a true embodiment of dedication and discipline. Alongside his professional accomplishments, he recently embraced a new role as a proud dad. Damian is currently in his fourth year of apprenticeship, diligently working toward obtaining his journeyman license, demonstrating his commitment to growth and expertise in the field. We're fortunate to have Damian as part of our team, bringing a wealth of experience and an unwavering work ethic to every project.


Delivery Driver Extraordinaire

Delvin W. plays a pivotal role at General Plumbing as our dedicated delivery driver. His infectious positive attitude and unwavering willingness to help are key attributes that define his contribution to the team.

Delvin thrives on the road, finding joy in serving the company and the team. His enthusiasm and upbeat demeanor not only make deliveries efficient but also contribute to a positive working environment for his colleagues.

Always ready to assist and support, Delvin's commitment to his role goes beyond the miles he covers. His cheerful disposition and eagerness to be of service make him an essential and cherished part of the General Plumbing family.

Delvin W. epitomizes the spirit of teamwork and dedication, ensuring smooth and efficient deliveries while spreading positivity along every route he travels.

Staff Member

Drew A.

Service Specialist

Drew A, a seasoned Plumbing Service Specialist at General Plumbing, is a maestro at multitasking. With the exceptional skill to manage multiple projects, he not only expertly handles customer interactions and collaborates with contractors but also mentors and trains new plumbers within the company.

Holding numerous years of experience in the trade, Drew's proficiency shines through, marking him as a true craftsman. Hailing from a family entrenched in the plumbing business, his roots in Georgia fostered a deep connection to the trade, giving him a rich foundation of expertise.

Beyond his professional life, Drew is a dedicated family man, with two kids who undoubtedly keep him on his toes. A passionate bass fisherman, he finds solace in the tranquility of fishing, reflecting his meticulous approach not only to his hobby but also to his work. His attention to detail is a defining trait, evident in the precision of his craftsmanship.

Drew A embodies a blend of expertise, dedication to his trade, and a love for his family and hobbies, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Staff Member

Jay A

Bookkeeper and Finance Officer Extraordinaire

Join us in welcoming Jay A., our proficient Bookkeeper and Finance Officer at General Plumbing. Jay brings a wealth of financial expertise garnered over many years in the transportation industry, making him a valuable addition to our team.

His commitment to learning and improving our accounting department is commendable. Jay's eagerness to absorb new information and his proactive approach to seeking efficiency-enhancing solutions demonstrates his dedication to ensuring our financial operations run smoothly and effectively.

Beyond his numerical wizardry, Jay leads a vibrant life outside the office. As the Music Director at First Presbyterian Church in NPB, he shows his passion for music, a trait he shares with his wife Kristina, who is a music teacher. Their joint dedication to the world of music adds a layer of richness to Jay's multifaceted personality.

We are thrilled to have Jay on board. His expertise, willingness to learn, make him an invaluable asset to the General Plumbing family.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Meet Joey L., our dynamic Plumbing Service Specialist at General Plumbing, Inc. Joey is fueled by a relentless hunger for knowledge, always striving for advancement, and consistently setting the bar high in performance. Recognition is his motivation, and he thrives on achieving the best results.

Beyond the plumbing world, Joey's heart belongs to his two Chihuahuas, who bring joy to his life. His remarkable journey in the field speaks volumes about his dedication, as he earned a spot in his own van in just his second year as a third-year apprentice. With an unwavering drive for excellence, Joey is an integral part of our team, pushing boundaries and delivering top-notch service.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Josh R. is a seasoned Journeyman Service Specialist at General Plumbing, Inc, with almost a decade of dedicated service. He's not just a reliable technician but also a plumbing service instructor at Pipe U, where he plays a pivotal role in establishing the company's commitment to providing red carpet service to all its customers. 

Before embarking on his plumbing career, Josh studied radio broadcasting for sports, showcasing his diverse interests. Beyond his professional life, Josh and his girlfriend are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child early next year. With his enthusiastic and outgoing personality, he's not only a plumbing expert but also an avid supporter of the Miami Hurricanes and the Minnesota Vikings.


Customer Service Rockstar

This year we welcomed Kandis H., to our Customer Service team at General Plumbing. Kandis brings a refreshing, laid-back demeanor that effortlessly complements her dedication to learning the ropes of our company and the plumbing industry.

Despite being in the learning phase, Kandis's standout quality is her easygoing nature, which puts both customers and colleagues at ease. She tackles challenges with a smile, displaying an unwavering eagerness to learn, grow, and become an integral part of our team.

Her enthusiasm and positive approach to her work make her a valuable asset as she continues to immerse herself in our company, aiming to provide exceptional service to our customers. Kandis H. is a promising addition to our team, and her determination to learn and adapt is setting the stage for a bright future with General Plumbing.

Staff Member


Administrative Dynamo and Permitting Specialist

Welcome our newest powerhouse, Kathleen, to the team at General Plumbing. As our Administrative Assistant and Permitting Specialist, Kathleen embodies our core value of a can-do attitude, bringing a refreshing enthusiasm and care to the office.

With a natural eagerness and a heartwarming, caring approach, Kathleen is a joyous addition to our workplace. Her presence immediately uplifts the office atmosphere, spreading positivity and enthusiasm among her colleagues.

Kathleen's dedication to ensuring our customers receive top-tier service is unparalleled. Whether it's over the phone or in person, her warm greetings and adeptness in directing customers to the right personnel showcase her commitment to delivering a red carpet experience.

Her seamless blend of administrative prowess and customer-centric approach positions her as a pivotal contributor to our team, promising a bright future of excellence and dedication to General Plumbing.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Ken M. stands as a cornerstone within General Plumbing, dedicating eight years of his expertise as a Service Specialist. As a seasoned journeyman, his commitment to the company and his customers is unwavering.

Meticulous in his approach, Ken excels in handling paperwork with precision and delivering nothing less than red carpet service to his customers. His friendly and reliable nature, coupled with a wonderful sense of humor, creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone he serves.

Beyond his professional life, Ken's heart belongs to his three small children. To ensure quality time with his family, he's one of our valued plumbers who work four ten-hour days, sacrificing a day at work to savor precious moments with his loved ones.

His passion for football adds to his dynamic personality, showcasing his diverse interests and affable nature. Ken M. epitomizes dedication, not just in his work but also in balancing family life, making him an invaluable asset and an inspiring figure within the General Plumbing team.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Kenyell, a Plumbing Service Specialist at General Plumbing, is renowned for his unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service. He effortlessly handles customer inquiries, earning him the most reviews and back-to-back Review Buzz championships.

His competitive spirit fuels his drive for excellence, always seeking new challenges to conquer. As a certified backflow technician, Kenyell ensures the safety of water systems, reflecting his commitment to quality and expertise in the field. His exceptional service and competitive edge make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Formerly a teacher, Mac is now thriving as a second-year apprentice in the plumbing trade. His maturity and prior teaching experience have accelerated his learning curve, enabling him to quickly grasp the intricacies of the trade.

Utilizing his educator's insight, Mac not only learns swiftly but also extends a helping hand to his colleagues, leveraging his teaching background to assist others in mastering the trade.

Beyond work, Mac and his wife Krista make an unbeatable team, winning the company's cornhole tournament last year. Their collaborative spirit and Mac's commitment to learning and sharing knowledge make him a standout asset within the team.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

At just 20 years old, Matt stands as the youngest member of our team, venturing out in his service van, primed for on-call duties in January. Eager and enthusiastic, he's embarked on his journey as a Jr. in the plumbing trade, already displaying a remarkable drive for success.

Hailing from a legacy of plumbing expertise, Matt follows in the footsteps of his father, a retired plumber. This familial connection to the trade has sparked a passion for plumbing within him from a young age, setting the stage for his promising career in the industry.

Despite his youth, Matt exudes determination and a willingness to learn. His readiness to tackle challenges at an early stage of his career reflects his commitment to mastering the trade and carrying forward the family legacy.

With his youthful energy and a heritage of plumbing knowledge passed down through generations, Matt is poised to carve his own path, making a mark in the plumbing world and carrying on the proud tradition set by his father.


Staff Member

Mike M.

Plumbing Manager and Estimator

With over two decades of invaluable experience in the plumbing industry, Mike Mills stands as a stalwart figure at General Plumbing. As the Plumbing Manager and Estimator, his no-nonsense attitude seamlessly translates into exceptional rapport with customers, clients, contractors, and subcontractors alike.

Mike's expertise as a master problem solver has been honed through years of hands-on experience. His adeptness in navigating complex challenges reflects his dedication to the craft and his commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Beyond managing plumbing operations, Mike is deeply passionate about passing on his extensive knowledge to the next generation. He finds joy in teaching the intricacies and skilled craftsmanship of the plumbing trade, fostering a legacy of excellence.

His journey from apprentice to manager, rooted in attending the local 630 plumbing trade school, exemplifies his dedication and hard work in climbing the ranks. His connection to owner Daniel as family, being his cousin, adds a personal touch to the workplace. Their shared experiences and stories from their early days in the trade bring a sense of tradition and history to the company.

When not immersed in plumbing, Mike finds solace in the outdoors, indulging in activities like deer hunting and bow season, which provide a perfect balance to his professional life. Mike Mills is a cornerstone of expertise and tradition at General Plumbing, contributing significantly to the company's success and its commitment to exceptional service.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Nick is an exceptional Plumbing Service Specialist at General Plumbing, excelling in handling fixtures, piping, and expertly resolving pesky clog issues. His proficiency in these areas showcases his dedication to ensuring top-tier plumbing solutions.

With a laid-back and kind demeanor, Nick brings a calm and friendly presence to his work, fostering a positive environment for both clients and colleagues. Juggling his professional role and personal life, he's a devoted father to two young children, which reflects his nurturing and caring nature.

Beyond his work and family, Nick is an avid supporter of Miami sports, cheering passionately for the Heat, Dolphins, and Panthers. His love for these teams adds a touch of enthusiasm and spirit to his already well-rounded character as a plumbing specialist.

Staff Member


Service Specialist

Todd is a dedicated Plumbing Service Specialist at General Plumbing, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. With a great sense of humor, he adds a positive and cheerful vibe to the workplace.

Aside from his trade skills, Todd is a family-oriented individual, managing a busy household with several kids. While excelling in the plumbing trade, he also enjoys indulging in the realm of video games, co-owning a store that sells & repairs games of all types, showcasing his diverse range of interests.

His ability to balance work and family life reflects his strong sense of responsibility and commitment, as well as his passion for delivering top-notch plumbing services with a friendly and amiable presence.

Staff Member


Customer Service Superstar

Currently celebrating eight years at General Plumbing, Tracy P. is our red carpet service aficionado. She's the heartbeat of our team, managing the Ultimate Savings Agreement (USA) program and ensuring every customer gets VIP treatment.

Tracy isn't just a stellar professional—she's our team's cheerleader, keeping everyone happy and prepped to serve our customers with a smile. Off-duty, she's a master juggler, raising twin teenage boys, Jacob and Cooper. A die-hard fan, Tracy proudly supports the Oregon Ducks and passionately cheers for the Montreal Canadiens. Tracy's infectious positivity and dedication make her an indispensable part of our family at General Plumbing.

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