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Ultimate Savings Agreement

Red Carpet Service - Every Time, Because Your Family Deserves Only the Very Best!

General Plumbing and Air Conditioning Ultimate Savings Agreement provides you Red Carpet Service on your Air Conditioning and Plumbing Maintenance. Avoid costly Air Conditioning and Plumbing emergencies through our Red Carpet Service Maintenance. Many problems and emergencies that arise are primarily due to not performing regular maintenance on your Air Conditioning System and your home’s Plumbing.

Benefits of Both Ultimate Savings Agreements Include:

  • Value Rate Pricing
  • V.I.P. Scheduling
  • Waived Dispatch Fee
  • Extended Regular Hours
  • Discounted Priority Service Charge
  • Scheduled Maintenance Visits
  • Complete Plumbing or A/C System Inspection
  • Extend the Life of Your Plumbing & A/C Systems
  • Transferrable to New Owner
  • Peace of Mind

As Always...Friendly, Reliable, Red Carpet Service!

Maintenance Personnel in Trucks

Call Today OR Contact Us Today to sign up today or obtain more information regarding our Ultimate Savings Agreement for your Air Conditioner or Plumbing.

Starting at $189

When you sign up for our Air Conditioning Ultimate Savings Agreement or our Plumbing Ultimate Savings agreement, or sign up for both agreements (we offer a discounted rate for bundling both), we will inspect your air conditioning system and/or your home’s plumbing and provide you with suggestions for ensuring proper functioning of your systems, which also preserves the life expectancy of your Air Conditioning and/or your home’s plumbing.

Start saving money on your annual air conditioning services or plumbing by signing up for our Ultimate Savings Agreement! Call Today to Learn More 561-585-2591.

Maintenance Trucks

We cordially invite you to view our Ultimate Service Agreement!

Click Here to View Our Ultimate Service Agreement (PDF).

Here is what you can expect when you sign up today for General Plumbing and Air Conditioning’s Ultimate Savings Agreement:


* Includes semi-annual inspection of one A/C unit

  • Complete evaluation of your AC system
  • Inspect the Overall Condition of your Unit(s)
  • Provide and install a new mesh filter or customer-supplied pleated filter
  • Clear drain lines & pan
  • Add pan treatment tabs to minimize buildup
  • Check Pressures
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspect the Condition of Coils
  • Check Air Flow and Temperatures
  • Check Thermostat Setting & Operation
  • Inspect Condensate Pan
  • Inspect Electrical Connections
  • Check the Condition of Components
  • Check Voltage
  • Check Amperage


*Includes up to four bathrooms and one water heater

  • Flush the Water Heater
  • Test Water Heater Elements & Thermostats
  • Check Water Temperature & Settings
  • Test Garbage Disposal
  • Check Toilet Flushing Action
  • Check Toilet Seats
  • Dye Test Toilet for Signs of Leaks
  • Inspect Washing Machine Hoses
  • Check Faucets for Leaks & Corrosion
  • Identify Cleanout Location
  • Check Outside Hose Bibs
  • Check Fixture Water Flow
  • Check & TAg Main Shut Off Valve
  • Visually Inspect Water filter(s)

Both Ultimate Service Agreements Include:

  • Record Brand, Model & Serial Numbers
  • Inspect Visible Piping for Leaks & Corrosion
  • Inspect for Signs of Water Damage
  • Complete Inspection Checklist
  • Technician Recommendations

Feel free to contact us today to sign up or should you have any questions regarding our Ultimate Savings Agreement, we’re more than happy to assist you!

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