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UV Water Purifiers in Lake Worth, FL

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UV light is a powerful tool in our fight against bacteria, mold, and viruses that might be contained in our water supplies. Harness the power of ultraviolet light by working with General Plumbing to have a high-tech water purifier installed today.

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We focus on scientifically tested solutions and combine them with Red Carpet Service. Stay satisfied from start to finish by signing up with our team of experts in Lake Worth, FL.

Contact General Plumbing for fast and effective water treatment services in Lake Worth and beyond. Red Carpet Service, Every Time!


UV Water Purifier Installation

Ultraviolet water treatment has been around since ancient times. It’s true: sunlight actually contains UV rays, which means that direct sunlight was an old-fashioned way to purify water. With many of our water sources coming from below ground today, it makes sense to use an electronic UV water purifier installation to keep water safe and clean.

UV Water Purifier Replacement

An ultraviolet water purifier can run into problems, especially when the system gets old and the light burns out. We’ll provide quick and easy UV water purifier replacement for customers in Lake Worth, FL who need it.

UV Water Purifier Repair

Is your UV water treatment causing you trouble? Then sign up today for our targeted UV water purifier repairs. We’ll even schedule a UV water purifier maintenance appointment that can be done on a yearly basis to tune-up your equipment.

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