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Emergency Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL

Give us a call today: 561-585-2591

Sometimes, plumbing work just can’t wait. We’ve all been there. A leaking pipe, a stuck valve, or even a corroded pipe might not be able to wait another day for professional service. With General Plumbing you can count on prompt, 24/7 emergency plumbing services when you need them.

  • In business for generations
  • Friendly technicians who truly care
  • Red Carpet Service and excellent results
  • Women Owned

We are proud to be Lake Worth’s on-call plumber with great reviews and a loyal customer base. It’s time to stop searching online for an “emergency plumber near me,” and just call our hotline.

Schedule an appointment 24/7 with General Plumbing, your trusted emergency plumbers. Red Carpet Service, Every Time!


24 Hour Plumber

Being a 24-hour plumber isn’t doable for a lot of plumbing teams—but we have the staff and infrastructure to provide it properly. We’ll take new customers, returning customers, and members of our maintenance agreement. Trust our team to get the job done in Lake Worth, FL.

Emergency Plumber

Here are a few reasons to call us for emergency plumbing repair.

  • A burst or gushing pipe.
  • A broken valve or main water line
  • A sanitation or sewer issue
  • Broken appliances such as a toilet or shower

Sometimes these issues just can’t wait. Our emergency plumbers can be in their trucks and on their way to help you right now.

24/7 Plumbing

How do we provide Red Carpet Service while being available 24/7? It’s simple really. We just care that much. We don’t let jobs go unfinished, and we stay late because the comfort and happiness of our customers is important to us.

General Plumbing

We Serve the Lake Worth, FL Area