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Backflow Prevention in Lake Worth, FL

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Cross contamination can be a serious issue for customers throughout Lake Worth, FL. Not every plumbing contractor has the tools and expertise to handle backflow prevention, but the experts at General Plumbing do!

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Protect your plumbing system from being contaminated by wastewater with a backflow prevention system that’s installed by a licensed team you trust.

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Backflow Prevention System Installation

In many areas of the country, it’s actually becoming a legal necessity for homes to be outfitted with backflow prevention system installations. That’s because backflow can affect a municipality’s water supply, causing problems for everyone else when they’re rooted from one source. Luckily, our team is the go-to backflow prevention company that has helped customers stay safe and comfortable for generations.

Backflow Prevention System Repair

In order to know if you need backflow prevention system repairs in Lake Worth, FL, we need to talk about what these systems do. Simply put, backflow preventers allow water to only flow in one direction through your pipes, essentially stopping the flow when a contamination risk occurs. If your backflow preventer has broken or isn’t doing this important job, then it might be time to get it fixed.

Backflow Prevention Testing and Certification

Backflow prevention also involves annual testing and recertification, and we’re your experts for your annual backflow prevention testing and recertification. Our team goes through rigorous training to ensure that we can properly provide backflow testing and recertification services to our customers, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best plumbing professionals on the job.

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