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We Recommend Regular Drain Cleaning—Here’s Why


When you’ve got a clogged drain or toilet, what do you do? The best first step is to reach for a plunger, which can help get rid of minor clogs. You may also attempt to use a simple drain auger. If those basic tactics don’t work, you’ll need to call for drain cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL with our team. (Don’t use chemical drain cleaners! They can harm your drains and harm you.)

But a clogged or slow drain isn’t the only reason to call us for drain cleaning. We recommend you make drain cleaning a regular part of preventive maintenance in your house and schedule it yearly. If you only think of drain cleaning as a way to fix a problem like a clog, you might find this surprising. Regular drain cleaning, however, has some excellent benefits.

Clog Prevention

Getting drain and toilet clogs quickly taken care of is a job we’re glad to do for you. But wouldn’t you rather not have to call us in the first place and deal with the inconvenience of a clog? This is the biggest advantage of regular drain cleaning: it prevents clogs from getting started. The process of drain cleaning, which uses hydro-jetting equipment to scour the interior of the drains, makes it difficult for debris to catch onto the drain walls in the first place, and any build-up that was already there will be eliminated. You’ll rarely have to interrupt your day or night to deal with a stopped-up drain.

Better Drainage

You may notice that your drains aren’t draining as fast as they should. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but poor drainage will soon lead to clogs and problems from standing water. Regular drain cleaning ensures the best drainage all around your home.

Improved Pipe Lifespan

Over time, materials like grease, fats, soap scum, and other substances will adhere to the inner walls of drain pipes, which will speed up their deterioration. Regular drain cleaning helps keep the pipes healthy and potentially extends their lifespan and reduces the likelihood of costly repairs or repiping. 

Foul Odor Prevention

An accumulation of organic material inside the drains is a major cause of smelly drain odors. The kitchen drains are the most susceptible to this. Drain cleaning will help keep your drains fresh-smelling so you won’t have to resort to covering up the odor with lemon peels and other temporary measures.

Stop Drain Flies and Other Pests

Drain flies result from flies laying their eggs inside organic build-up in drains. And drain flies aren’t the only problem that can grow inside this build-up: it can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. It’s a good idea to have this accumulation cleaned out so you don’t have to deal with unpleasant and unhygienic problems like this.

Reach out to our team today to arrange for the annual drain cleaning that will ensure you have a trouble-free and healthy plumbing system.

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