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Aren’t Getting Enough Hot Water? Here’s What May Be Wrong With Your Water Heater


Water is the source of life. And hot water sure seems like a close second, doesn’t it? We know that it’s hard to imagine getting through a typical day if there wasn’t hot water flowing from taps and showerheads when we needed it.

You’ve enjoyed a steady supply of hot water from your water heater. But now, something is wrong. The water is running out earlier, and that’s making mornings in your household into a stampede to get to the showers first. What’s wrong, and do you need water heater repair in Lake Worth, FL, or possibly even a new water heater?

We’re here to answer your questions about why you’ve got a water heater that isn’t holding up its half of the bargain.

Undersized water heater 

If this is a new water heater you had installed recently, then one of the strong possibilities is that the water heater wasn’t sized correctly. It doesn’t hold enough hot water to meet your household needs or has the wrong flow rate. This is an unfortunate result of amateur work and a reason you should always look to licensed pros. The only way to correct this problem is to have experts replace the water heater with an accurately sized one.

Sediment buildup

Sediment in the freshwater entering your water heater will start to build up on the bottom of the tank. This will make it harder for the heat exchanger beneath the tank to transfer heat from the gas jets and warm up the water because of its insulation properties. The best way to correct this is to have professionals flush the tank. Regular water heater maintenance will help prevent this issue in the future.

Aquastat issues

The aquastat is the thermostat for a water heater. In general, you should leave the aquastat at one setting and not tamper with it. However, the aquastat can malfunction and cause the water heater to produce lower temperature water. Please don’t push up the aquastat’s temperature to “fix” this, as it may create a scalding hazard. Have technicians examine the water heater to see what needs to be repaired.

Pressure relief valve problems

The pressure relief valve is a safety component that prevents excess pressure from building up inside the water heater tank. If the pressure relief valve is faulty, it may not operate correctly, leading to reduced hot water capacity.

Broken heating element

This is a problem that affects electric water heaters. If one of the two heating elements in the water heater’s tank burns out, it will severely restrict the volume of hot water it can heat up. You’ll need professionals to drain the tank and replace the broken heating element. 

Water heater age

A decline in a water heater’s capacity is often one of the big warning signs that the unit is too old to keep. The average gas water heater can last for around 12 years. If you’ve got a water heater that’s already over 15 years old and it’s struggling to meet your hot water demands, it’s time to look into a replacement.

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