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Emergency Plumbing: When Do You Need It?


Almost any plumbing problem can seem like an emergency if it strikes at the right time and you’re already frazzled from other issues. If your gut instinct tells you that you’ve got a plumbing problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, go with your gut! Even if it turns out that the trouble wasn’t as urgent as you thought, you won’t regret that you called professional plumbers to look into it. We’re ready with the 24-hour emergency plumbing in Lake Worth, FL you need, no matter the fiasco you have on your hands.

But let’s take a breath, step back, and look at the bigger picture of your home plumbing so we can ask the question, “What plumbing problems are the most urgent?” We’ll look into the situations that require emergency plumbing. 

Sewer Back-Ups

Trouble with the sewer line for a house is always an urgent situation: it not only stops all the drains in a home from working, it creates a hygienic threat by causing a waste back-up to enter the house. Sewer back-ups can occur because of tree root infiltration, breaks or ruptures in the sewer line, or a sewer line that hasn’t been regularly cleaned. As soon as you notice drains backing-up around your house and emitting foul odors, call for emergency plumbing to address the sewer line issue.

Burst Pipes

People often think of this as a problem that only occurs in climates with below freezing temperatures in the winter. But aging pipes can burst in any climate, and this can mean the threat of water flooding part of the home. Make sure you know where the shut-off valve for the water main is located so you can end the immediate threat of flooding. Then you’ll need emergency plumbers on the job of replacing the burst pipe.

Leaking Water Heater

A standard tank water heater will drip some water out of its pressure relief valve, but you shouldn’t see any more water escaping than this. When the water heater starts to leak extensively, it’s time to get plumbers in fast to look at it. In cases of older units, you may need to have the water heater replaced.

No Water

You turn on the faucets in your home but there’s only a sputtering sound. There’s no running water anywhere in the house. This might be a municipal problem, so check with your neighbors and contact the water company first. If you don’t have an explanation, you may have a blocked or broken water main—and that definitely calls for getting emergency plumbers on the job ASAP.

Clogged Toilets

This is a problem that can cause people to really panic, and it can also lead to toilets overflowing. You can attempt to clear out clogs with a toilet plunger (keep one handy!), but otherwise the best course of action is to call on plumbers to have it fixed. If water has spilled, absorb as much of it as possible before the plumbers arrive to prevent contamination and water damage.

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