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Why You May Need a Water Softener for Your Home 


Hard water is a common problem we face with our water supply. The “hardness” of water is a measure of its mineral content: the more minerals such as calcium and magnesium are suspended in the water, the harder the water is. Hard water can often escape through municipal treatment plants because the minerals enter the water through the pipes, transporting it to homes and businesses.

Hard water won’t hurt you to drink. In fact, the minerals in hard water are considered part of a regular diet and are found in many of the foods and liquids you consume. But you still don’t want hard water in your house, and to counteract it requires arranging for our team to install a whole-house water softener in Lake Worth, FL.

Here’s why a water softener is so beneficial if you’ve got hard water in your house.

Damage to the Plumbing

Hard water may not be harmful to you or your family to drink, but it’s extremely harmful to the plumbing in your house, especially the pipes and water-using appliances.

The minerals in hard water leave behind a limescale deposit. This will create a layer inside pipes that will continue to accumulate until it starts to restrict water flow. You’ll end up with high pressure water around your house that will further damage the plumbing and make it easy for leaks to start up. The restricted space also makes it simpler for clogging to start.

The effect of hard water on your appliances can be even more destructive. The mineral deposits can clog up intakes and damage components. The most susceptible appliance in your home to hard water is the water heater. Limescale deposits inside the water heater’s tank can lead to the tank overheating or requiring an early replacement. Limescale on the heating elements of electric water heaters will stop the water heater from working effectively, and a layer of limescale sediment on the bottom of the tank of a gas water heater will do the same thing. Tankless water heaters can also be quickly ruined by hard water.

Other Problems Around the House

Here are several other troubles you can expect from hard water:

  • A filmy substance on showers and other bathroom and kitchen surfaces.=
  • Trouble creating a good lather of soap
  • Whitish calcium deposits on faucets and other taps
  • Laundry that loses its color and becomes dull and scratchy
  • Flat hair and itchy skin

The Whole-House Water Softener in Action

A water softener is the easiest way to get rid of your hard water problem and lower the mineral level to the point where it won’t harm your home. (It’s still good to have some mineral content in the water.) The way a water softener does this job is by creating a swap between sodium ions and the hard water mineral ions. The sodium replaces the hard minerals and softens the water. 

You must have professionals handle installing a whole-house water softener. You can trust our team to locate the right type of water softener to help your home overcome its hard water woes.

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