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What is involved with trenchless sewer repair?

Before modern plumbing advancements, technicians would need to bring in heavy equipment to dig up substantial portions of a residential yard. These repairs were typically needed to handle sewer and water line leaks. The resulting mess was dangerous and difficult to clean up, and often led to quite a bit of damage for the homeowner. Recent advances allow us to perform trenchless sewer repair, which is a cost-effective solution to water and sewer line repairs.

The most common method of trenchless sewer repair is known as Lining repiping. In layman’s terms, a flexible tube coated in a resin is inserted into the damaged portion of the sewer pipe. This new layer is then expanded inside to cover the leak. Lining reduces the diameter of the lateral pipe but will not affect the capacity to remove waste from a home. Most trenchless repair methods can be completed within one day, though exceptions are always possible.