Backflow: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Backflow in a plumbing system is a real problem. Thankfully, it’s an issue that can be prevented through proper maintenance and professional care. Of course, a home’s plumbing system will always require professional service. By hiring right, you can extend the lifespan of your plumbing, improve efficiency, and save yourself money in the long-run. If you’d really like to save money, prevent backflow from occurring in the first place.

How Backflow Occurs

Backflow occurs in a plumbing system when the typical flow of water is reversed. This generally happens because the pressure within the system is altered in some way.

  • The pressure is either increased further in the system or decreased within your home.
  • It’s a severe issue, as backflow can often introduce contaminated water in your home’s supply – drinking and bathing. That is incredibly unwelcome news.

As you may know, contaminated water leads to adverse health effects. If you want your family safe and well cared for, consider preventative maintenance and prompt repairs.

How to Avoid Backflow

Typically, a backflow prevention device will be installed in your plumbing system.

  • This device is specifically designed to protect potable water from contamination or pollution.

When you call a professional, they’ll help examine all plumbing connections, identifying any areas of risk. There are options available. For instance, reduced pressure or breaker assemblies may help prevent backflow. Furthermore, consider other sources. For example, if you have a garden hose with chemicals attached, this could pose a major problem. Chemicals and cleaning solutions with built-in backflow preventers work well, but we often forget such features when cleaning or gardening. Being proactive and on top of things is vital.

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