Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

It may seem like a minor inconvenience to have a plumber come to your home and perform routine maintenance on your plumbing, but it could be well worth it. A regular maintenance inspection conducted by a local plumbing company can help you save money by discovering potential problems before they turn into costly emergencies. It can also protect your home and personal property from extensive damage that can occur should a plumbing emergency occur.

What Does a Plumber Do During a Maintenance Appointment?

The goal of a maintenance appointment is to thoroughly inspect your household’s plumbing system and look for any potential problems. If a problem is spotted, the plumber can provide recommendations for how to fix it.

Professional Maintenance Checklists Include

A professional plumbing company will have a complete maintenance checklist. Some of the things that will be on the maintenance checklist include:

  • Looking for any signs of water damage on the walls or near cupboards
  • Inspecting the pipes and plumbing and looking for signs of damage or corrosion
  • Checking the toilets to make sure they aren’t leaking and that they properly flush
  • Verify that the faucets in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in the house have the proper water pressure
  • Checking for potential clogs
  • Inspecting the garbage disposal and water heater for damage or leaks
  • Conducting a pressure test which will detect any small hairline cracks or leaks in the pipes
  • Performing a drain cleaning on all drains

Occasionally, a professional plumbing company may also include lead testing and video pipe inspection in the routine maintenance inspection. However, these services are not always included as part of a routine maintenance inspection.

Call General Plumbing For Top-Quality Plumbing Services

If you live in the West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, Florida, area and are interested in scheduling a plumber to come to your home to conduct a routine maintenance inspection, call General Plumbing. We are a professional plumbing company that offers all types of services ranging from emergency repairs to routine maintenance. We can even help you find and install new appliances, as we work closely with a local plumbing supply store to provide you with affordable rates on new equipment. Call us today at (561) 771-0086!

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