Top 5 Ways to Conserve Water This Spring

Water conservation is important right now – considering how many areas have been struck with droughts, this is a very noble cause. So, are you trying to conserve more water this spring? Whether you want to conserve water for financial or environmental reasons (or both!), there are many ways to do so.

Five Ways To Conserve Water (And Save the Planet):

  • Fix Your Leaks. Don’t just let your water drip constantly! By letting your leaks go unchecked, you’re wasting water – and racking up a high utility bill in the process. Call a plumber or fix your leaks as soon as they occurSave Water
  • Take Shorter Showers. Reducing your amount of time in the shower is a great way to conserve water. Even by shaving a minute or two of time in the shower, you can save valuable water.
  • Turn Off the Tap. If you’re washing your face or hands or brushing your teeth, why not turn off the tap?
  • Re-use Water. Get creative with it! Put a bucket in the shower to collect water, use rain barrels to collect rainwater (for watering your plants, or for any other use!), or even re-use your pasta water.
  • Stop Watering Your Lawn. Having a well-manicured, chemically modified lawn is so passé! And not to mention, NOT eco-conscious.

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