4 Common Sewer Line Problems

It’s important to be aware of the most common sewer line problems and their solutions so that you can ensure that your sewer system stays in proper working order! Your sewer is susceptible to an array of issues, unfortunately – here are some of the most common ones.

Common Sewer Line Problems

  • Damage from tree roots. Tree roots can be any sewer line’s worst enemy. If there are roots in your sewer system, this can deeply damage your line. In this case, it’s time to call in a plumbing professional – as soon as possible.
  • If there is some sort of large object or debris blocking your sewer line, this can mean bad news for your system as a whole!
  • Pipe corrosion or deterioration. Is your piping getting old? Is it made of anything other than PVC piping? If so, you’re likely at risk of having your pipes corrode or deteriorate. This can cause both restrictions of water flow AND collapses in your line.
  • Broken pipes. If your pipes have broken, cracked, or collapsed – whether it’s due to a storm, frozen ground, or shifting soil – this is never a good sign for the future of your sewer system. Make sure to call a plumbing professional as soon as this happens.

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