How to Cope with a Boiler Breakdown in Cold Weather

Uh oh! Did your boiler break down when it’s below freezing outside? It’s important to know what to do in those situations. Here, we’ve come up with a mini-guide for how to cope with a boiler breakdown in cold weather.

  • Call a plumbing professional. The first thing you’ll want to do in this scenario is call a plumbing pro ASAP! Make sure you have a technician’s number on speed dial, if your boiler breaks down. It’ll need to be someone that offer timely emergency services – we can’t often predict when our boilers break down, after all.
  • Stay warm, and don’t panic. Your next order of business is to stay as warm as possible, and not to panic. (We know the second part is sometimes easier said than done, in these cases!) To stay warm, keep your curtains closed, and put on more clothing layers. You could also make a hot drink, or go next door to a neighbor’s house if the cold becomes unbearable.
  • Stock up on essentials before a boiler breakdown. There are plenty of essentials that could stock up on beforehand, in case of a boiler breakdown. Staying warm is key in this situation, so why not buy some heat-related supplies? Things like electric blankets, convection heaters, and hot water bottles are invaluable!

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