How to Prevent Pipe Corrosion

Are you concerned that it may be time to repair or replace your pipes?

Signs You Need A Pipe Replacement

  • Your pipes are leaking. Even if it’s just a small leak, leaking pipes are never a good sign. In fact, this is likely a sign that it’s time for a pipe replacement.
  • You’ve noticed that your water is discolored. One of the biggest signs of pipe corrosion is brown or yellow-colored water.
  • It’s been over ten years since your pipes were replaced. If a significant amount of time has passed since you last repaired or replaced your pipes, your piping system is much more susceptible to corrosion.

Ideally, you should almost never have to replace your pipes. You can take the following steps to prevent or control potential pipe corrosion!

How To Prevent Pipe Corrosion

  • First and foremost, stock up on pipe clams in order to temporarily stop leaks, before a plumber can get there.
  • In addition, it’s important to have an experienced plumber come out to check your plumbing system before buying a new home.
  • In addition, pipe maintenance is important, in addition to having your water tested for pH value

. It’s important to do everything you can to prevent pipe corrosion, as this can be a costly and time-consuming problem. By taking preventative action, you can increase the lifespan of your pipes.

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