How to Clear a Clogged Toilet with a Toilet Auger

Have you heard of a toilet auger? If not, you’re not alone – but, it’s certainly time to learn what an auger is! This is a drain clearing tool that is designed specifically to help clear a clogged toilet.

If you’ve tried using a plunger to clear your toilet and the water is still not draining, then it may be time to try a toilet auger. Here’s how it works!

How To Use A Toilet Auger

The auger has a long tube or sleeve to help guide the auger hook into the trap.

  • First, you insert the auger into the toilet trap and turn the crank; do this until it feels tight.
  • When you pull the auger, you should be able to remove whatever has been clogging the toilet. If this doesn’t happen on the first try, keep trying! Sometimes, this can take several tries.
  • In some cases, you may need to actually push a regular plumber’s snake through the blockage.

You are usually able to clear a clogged toilet with a plunger, but when this doesn’t work out, it’s time to resort to a toilet auger! If you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a plumbing professional. Unclogging your toilet is important, and you don’t want to further the damages.

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