Plumbing Noises: Noisy Water Pipes

At one point or another, as a homeowner or building manager, you have probably heard the telltale sound of noisy water pipes, which means repairs may be required before the continued use of the facilities can be allowed. In all but the worst of cases, noisy water pipes won’t cause a leak, they are just highly annoying to listen to and deal with. It can sometimes be hard to fix the problem, but a professional plumber should be able to come in and locate the cause for concern, fixing the problem with relative ease. In many cases, a simple fix of foam rubber or insulation may be necessary.

Turning the Water On

In some instances, the pipes only become noisy after the water in the house has been turned on. This is most likely a water hammer problem, or perhaps water pipes that were not secured to the framework of the house correctly. Alternatively, high water pressure could be an issue. A plumber can narrow down the issue.

Lowering the water pressure within your home is a good way to reduce the hammering noise you hear from the pipes. You can do this by utilizing the pressure-reducing valve. If that does not work, a plumber may want to install air chambers, or cushioning devices, for the pipes.

Hot Water Usage

On occasion, the pipes will grow noisy and begin to knock while using only the hot water in the home. This could be as simple as the hot water pipe hitting a stud or support bracket as it begins to contract from the water flow.

This condition won’t cause a leak, however, so fret not. A simple fix is to switch from metal clamps to plastic ones that offer a bit more room for the pipe to expand.

If you are seriously concerned about the noise coming from your water pipes, consider calling General Plumbing today at (561) 771-0086.

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