Tips for Avoiding Garbage Disposal Problems

Is your garbage disposal constantly breaking down? Are you seeking ways to avoid this from happening?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here at General Plumbing, we understand the need to have a fully functioning garbage disposal, always. Check out our tips below on avoiding problems with your disposal:

  • Run cold water when you’re using the disposal. That’s right, we said cold water! While grinding up food particles, try not to use hot water – this can damage your disposal.
  • Stop putting grease and other fatty cooking substances down your disposal. This is a big no-no! Grease will clog your drain in no time. Remember to dispose of your grease and other fatty waste another way.
  • Occasionally, put some ice into your disposal. By putting a small amount of ice in your disposal from time to time, you can help clean out the inside of your grinding area.
  • Don’t rely on harsh chemicals for cleaning. Now’s not the time to bring out your harsh cleaning chemicals – this could do severe damage to your plumbing system. (Not to mention there are other methods that work better for cleaning your disposal.)

Why Wait? Contact the Experts at General Plumbing!

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