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Brrr! Wintry weather is upon us – have you considered the safety of your plumbing system?

As you prepare your household for wintertime, it’s possible that you may have forgotten about your pipes. However, pipe freezing is a common occurrence, and can lead to potential rupturing – not exactly an ideal scenario for any homeowner.

If your pipes do end up freezing, there are a few things you can do to thaw them. Below, we’ve listed some preventative measures, as well as repair methods, for frozen pipes:

To thaw your pipes, use hot water. If your pipes have recently frozen, hot water is undoubtedly one of the safest quick fixes! Simply wrap a towel around the pipe, hold it securely in place, and pour (ideally) boiling water over it.

Or, you could use a hair dryer, heat lamp, or other source of heat. Don’t want to make a huge mess by pouring buckets of hot water over your frozen pipe? No problem! Your hair dryer, or a heat lamp, will do quite nicely. These items may not work quite as quickly as boiling water, but they’ll prove to be just as effective in thawing your pipe.

It’s probably best to call in the professionals…

With all this being said, contacting a plumbing expert is probably your best bet, particularly if your pipes actually burst! Home remedies don’t exactly do the trick as well as a professional service can, especially when it comes to pipe repair.

Contact General Plumbing

If you currently reside in the Lake Worth area and are experiencing problems with your frozen pipes, it’s time to call General Plumbing! We’re a team of highly-skilled plumbing professionals with years of relevant experience, and we’re ready to help YOU with your winter weather plumbing needs! Give us a call at (561) 771-0086, or fill out our online contact form – we’re happy to offer our assistance.

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