Common Summer Plumbing Problems Seen in Lake Worth

Lake Worth homeowners face many of the same plumbing problems around the start of summer.

In this article, General Plumbing explains common summer plumbing problems and how they can be addressed.

1. Clogged Disposals

Summers are a time that family and friends get together for parties and cookouts. Lake Worth homeowners will need be careful of disposing of waste food. Produce is generally not good for your in-sink garbage disposal, particularly if you are getting rid of fruits and vegetables, like as watermelon or corn. When this happens blades in your disposal unit can become damaged or lead to stubborn clogs that will need to be addressed by a professional.

Used cooking oils are also damaging to garbage disposal systems, so make sure to avoid pouring the dirty grease down the drain after grilling out. It is also a good idea to run cold water through your disposal for a few seconds before and after you use it to clear any remaining bits of food.

2. Backups in the Sewer Line

Sewers can backup when summer storms hit Lake Worth and the ground becomes saturated with rain. Servicing your sewers before the summer comes can help you avoid the worst of the problems, while installing a drain plug in each drain can prevent water from backing up during storms.

If this is a concern, consider installing a drain plug. General Plumbing can answer whatever questions you have regarding sewer line issues.

3. Sprinkler Leaks

As families begin using their sprinkler system again, make sure to keep any eye for leaks. Getting a sprinkler leak might not be that noticeable until you receive that high water bill.

To help and avoid this problem, make sure you thoroughly clean out the sprinkler system before you start putting it to regular use again.

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