What is Sewer Jet Cleaning?

To address a blockage in a pipe – whether it is small and just minimally impedes flow or even if it has lead to complete backflow – professionals in the plumbing industry utilize the power of sewer jet cleaning. The tool used in this process, often called a hydro-jetter, is extremely useful for all kinds of impediments within a sewer system.

What is It and How Does It Work?

Sewer jet cleaning involves a jet stream of water being inserted at the base of the pipe where the problem is. Then, a high pressured stream of water is shot through the pipe.

Due to its power and efficient ways of cleaning, this tool is a safe way to eradicate a blockage. The pressurized water used to jet through the piping system ensures that whatever is clogged in the pipe is blasted loose. And this technology can be used in nearly every plumbing system:

  • Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Offices
  • Other Commercial Properties

Whatever the location, the sewer jet cleaning method can address the blockage safely and hygienically.

When Would It Be Used?

If your plumbing is suffering a back up, and plunging or a plumbing snake isn’t doing the trick at the source of the backflow, a sewer jet cleaning may be in order. This is absolutely one of the most powerful ways to clean out your plumbing. It can loosen all kinds of debris.

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