The Benefits of Backflow Testing

Backflow is a process that can occur within your plumbing system that can really wreck havoc on your home and life. This process, when possibly contaminated water flows back into a clean water supply, can lead to unsafe water and can possibly make your family sick. So now, after reading this, the next logical question about backflow you may have is how to prevent it.

Prevention Through Testing

In backflow testing, your plumbing company should be able to tell if this is happening within your system. We often test for backflow by looking for possible pressure issues. The fact of the matter is, backflow occurs when the pressure of the user’s system of water is more intense than the pressure of the supply reserve. In backflow, the water your home is putting out is stronger than the water coming in.

As a result, the higher pressured water – and contaminated water – seeps back into your clean water.

Combating Backflow

Once testing has been performed and the possibility of backflow exists, our team generally has two methods for stopping this issue. We either:

  • Install Non-Return Valves – These act to let water out, but not back in.
  • Install Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventers – These act to lessen the pressure exerted by the contaminated water.

Backflow can be dangerous to your home and your family’s health. Make sure to have your home’s water surveyed through backflow prevention testing. The General Plumbing team is happy to help. (561) 771-0086.

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