What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

With your home’s pipes, especially if they’re older, they may need relining. That basically means that repair needs to be done on them, due to things like roots growing into them or even bursts due to a blockage. Whatever the case, there is a solution that doesn’t involve digging up your yard or destroying your landscape. This newer technology, used by the General Plumbing team, is trenchless pipe lining.

What is It?

Essentially, when your pipes have burst, we can reline them without digging up your yard or creating a trench. This new technology involves our team inserting a liquid lining into the pipe that sort of fills in and relines the preexisting pipe. This trenchless technique is fast and effective; most plumbers who are skilled in the process can complete it within a day.

When Would I Need It?

Like we mentioned above, when you have an underground burst pipe, you’ll need a relining. You’ll need this if an underground root has pushed into your pipe, if a blockage led to a burst, or even if you’re having backup problems. With this technique, the fix is easy and efficient.

Don’t hesitate to contact General Plumbing at (561) 771-0086‚Äč when you’ve got a burst pipe underground. We can tackle the job with trenchless pipe lining, leaving you satisfied and leak free!

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