Quick Tips on Preserving Your Plumbing in Lake Worth

Although most homeowners are familiar with general plumbing upkeep and how to best handle your pipes, a reminder here and there never hurt. Since we at General Plumbing like to keep our customers informed, we thought we’d use this particular blog post to give a few reminder tips. So, keep reading for a review of the basics on preserving your plumbing.

Quick Tips and Tricks

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to be too cautious. This may mean replacing pipes when they get old – even if they haven’t burst – or having regular check ups scheduled with your plumber. By being cautious, you’re ensuring the long life of your pipes.

Additionally, make sure you’ve got the winter weather routine down. When the weather predictions say it might freeze in Lake Worth, be sure to take the proper precautions to keep your pipes from freezing. Open cabinets in the bathroom where the pipes are, so they’re exposed to warmer air; and make sure to leave faucets slightly on with a water drip. Frozen pipes can burst as the water in the pipes expands while freezing. Play it safe!

No Matter What

Even though this blog probably just told you things you already knew, it also serves as a reminder. By preserving your pipes and plumbing, you’re essentially saving yourself emergency costs down the road. Contact General Plumbing at (561) 771-0086 for more information or to have your regular maintenance visit scheduled!

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