Sewer Cleaning With High-Pressure Power Washing

Sewer and drain pipes can become clogged with gunk and debris over time. Fats, oils, excrement, hair, and other residue can stick to inside surfaces of the pipe, eventually causing a complete stoppage. Traditionally, a long flexible cable was passed through a clogged pipe in order to remove the build-up. But there is a better way! A high-pressure power washer can clean a sewer pipe faster and more effectively than a cable snake.

How it Works

A special attachment called a “sewer jetter” is attached to a long-length hose that connects to the pressure washer. The sewer jetter has rear facing jets that actually pull the head through a pipe. Meanwhile, a forward facing water jet eradicates all debris in front of the device, using high-pressure water to blast any residue to pieces. A high-pressure power washer does not actually pressurize your pipe. It simply uses the power of focused water to clean the interior.

What Equipment is Needed

A quality pressure washer is required for any application. If the sewer or drain pipe is indoors, you should select an electric pressure washer that does generate exhaust fumes. However, the lower flow rate of an electric pressure washer will limit the size of the pipe you can clean to about 4” in diameter. Pipes located elsewhere may be cleaned with a gas-powered pressure washer, which will allow you to clean larger-sized pipes. Hot-water pressure washers can clean even more effectively and with lower pressure required than their standard counterparts. However, the hot water can damage the long hose that connects the pressure washer to the sewer jetter so be sure to verify the maximum temperature recommendations from the manufacturer.

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