Top 5 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Whether you’re facing a residential or a commercial plumbing issue in Lake Worth, we can help. Did you know there are actually differences between residential and commercial plumbing? In this article, General Plumbing will look at the top 5 differences between residential and commercial plumbing in Lake Worth.

Differ in Complexity

Most Lake Worth residential plumbing systems need to support just a handful of people at most. Many businesses, on the other hand, need to support hundreds of customers and employees. Some offices are in the middle of tall buildings, requiring delicate connections with plumbing on the upper and lower floors to work. That means an entirely different set of skills than those used in residential plumbing.

Differ in Health Issues

Businesses have an obligation to keep their plumbing particularly clean, both for the sake of their Lake Worth employees and the sake of any customers who visit. This is especially true for restaurants and other businesses that prepare food. They need to adhere to strict health care laws and ensure their plumbing is as clean as a whistle.

Differ in Efficiency

If you live in a residence with two toilets and one of them backs up, you simply use the other one until the plumber arrives. However, if a bathroom in an office building breaks down, you suddenly have a problem that can affect dozens and dozens of people. Problems need to be fixed much more quickly and efficiently.

Differ in Size

The most obvious difference is in the size and extent of commercial plumbing, which often requires a lot more pipes and outlets than residential plumbing. Businesses need to provide toilets and sinks for both their customers and their employees, which means a hugely increased demand that residential systems don’t have to support.

Differ in Building Expanse

Residential plumbing usually entails no more than two floors’ worth of plumbing. A Lake Worth office building usually has multiple stories, all of which require sinks, toilets, and the like. A good plumber understands that when taking on a commercial job.

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