Top 3 Garbage Disposal Myths

One of the most used and abused appliances in your home is your garbage disposal. In order to keep it up and running, you need to understand the proper care and maintenance that a garbage disposal requires. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding this magical device, which is why General Plumbing has stepped up to dispel the top garbage disposal myths.

Egg Shells/Ice Cubes/Other Hard Foods Sharpen the Blades

The only way to sharpen garbage disposal blades is to disassemble your unit and actually sharpen the blades. Don’t be fooled by the rumors of hard foods being able to automatically sharpen your disposal blades. In fact, egg shells can wrap around the blades, causing damage. Other hard items such as ice cubes, bones, or frozen foods can break your blades completely.

Run Your Disposal Until the Sink Is Clear

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, just because your sink is clear doesn’t mean that all your food debris is gone. Run your disposal for a full minute after the sink is clean to ensure all your waste has been properly disposed of.

Hot Water is Better than Cold Water

When you are rinsing your sink, many people believe that it is better to use very hot water to clean the disposal. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. If you are sticking fatty or greasy foods down your disposal, the heat will temporarily make that fat slick. However, it will re-congeal in your sink, causing clogs. Running cold water will solidify the fat and allow it to be cut into smaller pieces to be disposed of properly.

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