3 Washing Machine Tips for This Summer

The summer months can be hard on your washing machine. This time of year makes it common to do more things outdoors and to perspire a great deal, as well. It’s ideal to know some specific things you can do to help your washing machine run better during the summer and work to avoid any damage to it in the process.

Keep it Clean

You will want to be sure to keep your washing machine as clean as possible so it can work to clean your clothes. This means taking the time to remove any sudsy film that may have accumulated inside of the washer.

Additionally, be sure to remove the lint filter regularly and clean it out as necessary.

Leave the Door Open

You will need to leave the washing machine door open until the inside of the unit is capable of drying out fully. This can prevent odor from building up and causing unwanted smells in your laundry area.

Additionally, this should only take a couple hours for your entire washing machine to be completely dried out for you!

Monitor Items Placed in the Washer

Before putting your clothes into the washing machine, it’s a great idea to look for any knives, scissors or other objects that may be inside the clothing. You will want to be sure nothing is placed into the washing machine that could cause damage to it.

Let Us Help!

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