Top Spots for Family Fun in Lake Worth

There are several ways to enjoy family activities, whether you want some indoor fun or you want to enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some top family-friendly destinations you should check out:

Lake Worth Playhouse

The Lake Worth Playhouse is a community theater that is sure to delight your whole family. You can choose to attend performances for the entire family or just for the children. In addition to live performances, the Stonzek Theater has movies for the family to enjoy. With classes and summer camps for your children, the possibilities for family fun are endless.

Palm Beach Skate Zone

Beat the heat with the family by enjoying ice-skating in the summer or you can stick with traditional roller-skating. The Palm Beach Skate Zone has numerous skating opportunities, whether you are new to skates or want to show you are a skating pro. Camps are available for children and teens. No matter your age, you can enroll in classes to become more comfortable skating.

John Prince Memorial Park

Enjoying the great outdoors with the family is a simple and fun way to spend your day. Try planning a picnic at the John Prince Memorial Park. There is space to enjoy other activities, such as camping, picnics and soccer, just to name a few. The trails provide a great opportunity for walking, hiking or rollerblading.

Adventure Mini Golf

Enjoy two distinct family-friendly golf courses, each with different levels of difficulty. Both you and your family will find an enjoyable atmosphere with plenty of challenging holes. Do not forget the beautiful scenery with plenty of plants and waterfalls, which are sure to create a relaxing adventure.

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