Tips for Saving Water This Summer

With the heat of the summer, you may find you are using more water. Do not allow your water bills to skyrocket. Practice some water conservation tips.

Keep Pools Covered

If you have a backyard pool, make sure you keep the pool covered when it is not in use. Not only will this prevent debris from falling into your pool, but covering your pool can reduce water evaporation. By keeping your pool covered, you will probably notice you do not need to add water as often.

Water at Night

Your lawn and garden need water to thrive, and you will need to compromise on when you maintain your lawn and garden. Do your watering after dark, when less water will evaporate from sunlight and can be absorbed by the plants. You also want to water slowly to give the water a chance to absorb. A long, slow watering in the dark will use less water and is more beneficial to your grass and plants.

Limit Your Showers

Make sure you are not taking unnecessarily long showers. In most cases, you should be able to shower within 10 minutes. If you have difficulties taking short showers, or if someone else in your household does, keep an alarm next to the shower. Once 10 minutes is up, they must leave the shower. The urgency of finishing up and getting out of the shower in 10 minutes can help you realize you do not need as long in the shower and will save you gallons of water.

Wash Your Car Sparingly

Unless you have been driving through mud or rock salt, you may not need to wash your car as frequently. During the summer months, you will likely become frustrated since you just washed your car and it rains soon after. When you must wash your car, consider the pros and cons of paying for a car wash versus doing it yourself.

Look for Leaks

Make sure you routinely check the toilet, sinks and pipes for any signs of leaks. Some leaks are small and may take a while before you notice a problem. Even small leaks can lead to considerable increases in your water bill.

Let Us Help!

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