Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Water Heater

A fully functioning water heater is invaluable for the comfort of your home. There are ways you can reduce problems with your water heater and its ability to provide your household with a continuous supply of hot water.

Keep Your Water Heater Warm

Your water heater may benefit from added insulation, especially if your water heater is older and you cannot afford a replacement. The insulation can help your water heater maintain the appropriate temperature without the need to turn up the temperature on your water heater.

Turn Your Water Heater Down

It is recommended your water heater does not heat water beyond 120 degrees. Anything beyond this is a waste of energy and can be a danger to anyone who turns on the hot water. If you set your water heater at the appropriate temperature but find the water is not hot enough, you need to call a service professional.

Be Careful What You Store Nearby

It is easy to store the wrong items near your water heater, especially when your water heater is located in the basement. Make sure you give your water heater plenty of room to function properly. Furthermore, do not store flammable chemicals anywhere near the water heater. Even a simple spill can be dangerous. The water heater can ignite the liquid and vapors from flammable chemicals if there is a spill.

Clean Out Sediment

Your water heater will collect sediment, which can affect its function. You need to periodically flush out any sediment. The user manual for your water heater should tell you the appropriate steps to safely flush out the water heater. If you are concerned about doing the job yourself, you can contact your plumber.

Give Us A Call

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