Gas Line Leaks - What You Should Know

Thankfully, gas line leaks aren’t too common nowadays, but if you DO smell gas, you should take action immediately before things get out of hand.
The experts at General Plumbing have put together a few things that you should know in the event of a gas leak in your home.


Natural gas has no naturally occurring odor, the smell that you recognize as gas comes from an additive, this is mixed in with the gas purely as a safety precaution – to help people recognize leaks.
Hopefully(!) the first you’ll know about a gas leak in your home will be the sulfur like smell, if this is the case, you should evacuate the building and call out the emergency services. Do not turn any electrical equipment (including light fittings) on or off.
We would never advise you to stay in the building longer than necessary, however, if you pass the main gas valve on your way, shutting the gas off can make a great improvement to the safety of all concerned.

Naked Flame

Do we really need to say this? NEVER expose a naked flame to an area with a potential gas leak, and remember that gas takes a while to clear, it can get trapped in little pockets of space and remains combustible.


You should never try to fix or even search for a gas leak on your own, always call a professional out to deal with it. They are highly experienced and have access to special equipment. It is much safer for someone that knows what they are doing.

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