Choosing the Best Gas Tankless Water Heater on the Market

So you’re looking for a new water heater? But what makes you choose one style or brand over another?
For a start, there may be actual physical limitations, both in sizing or space where it can fit. You may have no choice with energy to power it, or you just may prefer one type over another.

Whatever the reason, you should never just buy the first one that you come across, talk to a few professionals and see what they recommend.


The great benefit of tankless heaters is that they heat up only the hot water that you want, there is no excess to store, this means that you really only are paying to heat the water you want, not to have a large tank of it on standby.

The Best?

We can’t really tell you what is best, but we can say that you should consider YOUR needs before deciding on what you think is best. What may work best for your neighbor may not necessarily be best for you.


Do you have a whole mini-van full of children? A tub the size of a small indoor pool? Or just one single faucet?
Sizing the heater is vital to picking the right choice; think about the usage, try not to under-estimate. Talk to an expert in tankless heaters, they will be able to give you un-biased advice that is relevant to you and your need.

If you’d like to talk through your options with one of the experts at General Plumbing, they will give you professional advice gained through many years of experience. This will help you decide not only the size needed, but possibly a brand as well.
We don’t believe in selling you something for our benefit, you’re our priority.

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