How to Manage Your Plumbing in an Older Home

Our customers love their historic homes. They like the architecture, the memories they’ve made, and even little parts of the home that they can tell were important to the previous owner (like a redone kitchen or an elaborate garden). It’s a really neat experience to live in an older home, that is until your plumbing acts up. Here, let’s talk about how to manage the plumbing in this older home that you love so much.

Three Tips

Our team at General Plumbing insists that you – first and foremost – be gentle with your plumbing in your older home. The truth is, the pipes you’re dealing with are smaller and more sensitive; it is easier for them to become clogged. They sometimes can’t even handle the super thick and plushy toilet paper that you can buy nowadays. Make sure to take this detail into account when buying toilet paper or bathroom cleaners.

Next, perform an annual check. Make sure to check pipes running around and through your home that are exposed. You can easily inspect these pipes for two things: corrosion or leaks. Neither one is a good sign, but the inspection ensures that if you find them, you find them early enough that these spots can be repaired.

Finally, have a pro come behind you to do an inspection and tune up. They can check areas that you may not be able to. As well, they’ll be able to perform maintenance tests that you may not have the tools to perform. Have a plumber do these tune ups.

Manage Your Plumbing!

It’s easy to ensure and upkeep the plumbing and pipes in your older home. This can be managed with awareness, inspections, and tune ups! Call the general team now at (561) 771-0086.

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