3 Water Heater Maintenance Techniques for Winter

Your water heater usually works twice as hard during the wintertime as it does in the summer. When you think about it, it makes sense. As our Lake Worth weather drops, more hot water is used. Since this is a reality, the General Plumbing team thought we’d give some simple strategies to our customers – or any reader really – on how to protect and prepare a home water heater for winter.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips & Tricks

  • First! Drain, flush, and refill your water heater before the season change. This can easily be done, as there is a drain valve at the bottom of your water heater that you can hook a hose up to and allow the water to drain out.

During any season, as water sits in your tank, sediment builds up and lines the inside of the tank. In draining the tank, flushing it with clean water, and then refilling it, you’re making sure your water heater is starting the winter with all new – fresh and clean – water.

  • Next, insulate your water heater. This doesn’t have to take too much time or effort. Just go to a local hardware store and pickup up some tank insulation. Make sure you don’t cover the tops, any valves, or the temperature dial.
  • Finally, lower the temperature on the heater. This ensures several things: your water heater isn’t having to work so hard, you’ll save money on your electric bill, and you’ll save energy. This last one’s a no-brainer, as it does a ton of good for not a lot of effort.

You and Your Water Heater Can Make it Through the Winter

If you just follow these three simple strategies, you should be good to go for the winter weather. However, if you’re not super confident with doing these tasks, call a professional. Have the General Plumbing qualified pros to come and prepare you for any seasonal change: (561) 771-0086

We understand that the price of a maintenance or repair service for your water heater can be costly. Call our team to find out more about our available specials, including $45 off our dispatch fee.

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