Top 5 Tips for a Clean Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool installed at a home can be a very rewarding experience. During the summer months, the rest and relaxation offered by a pool is well worth the initial investment. Just like any other part of a home, the swimming pool will require routine maintenance in order to stay functional. While most of the repairs that arise with a pool have to be handled by a professional, there are a number of things a homeowner can do to keep their pool clean. Taking the time to check and clean your pool will be more than worth it and help to extend its life.

Skim the Surface and Check the Baskets

One of the first things that you need to do when trying to keep the pool on your property clean is to skim the surface to remove debris. Getting to this debris before it is sucked up by the pool can save you a lot of time and stress. Just like any other part of the plumbing system, keeping pipes free from debris is essential. Be sure to check the baskets on the pool for any leaves or other materials that may clog things up.

Use the Vacuum Frequently

Most of the pool systems out there today have vacuum systems that are used to keep the water clean. By regularly running the vacuum, you will be able to keep the water free of foliage. The regular vacuuming of a pool will also allow you to keep the water crystal clear, which is well worth the effort you put in.

Check and Change the Pool Filter

The filter on your pool is a very important part and will have to be changed on a regular basis. Checking the filter frequently will allow you to get rid of trash and debris that is trapped within it. Be sure to stay on a regular filter changing schedule to ensure it stays doing the job it was intended to do.

Nothing Beats A Professional Cleaning

While doing these types of maintenance on your own will help keep the pool clean, nothing quite beats using a professional. They will have the tools and the knowledge needed to get your pool back in great shape in no time.

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