3 Tips for Water Heater Troubleshooting

If you notice that your shower is no longer warm or the faucet on the left is not so hot, you likely have a problem with your water heater. At General Plumbing, we often help both home and business owners with water heater troubleshooting issues in order to quickly diagnose and resolve the problem.

  1. Check the Pilot Light

In many cases, the water is not getting hot because the pilot light on the unit has been extinguished. You can simply look through the window on the water heater to determine if the flame is still there. If not, check the heater’s manual in order to reset the light, which should solve your problem.

  1. Check the Set Temperature

There is a gauge on your unit that sets the water temperature. Sometimes, that gauge is set too low and is the reason the tank is not warming the water. You should exercise caution when setting the temperature, however, especially if you have young children in the house. If you put the gauge too high, it is possible that your water will get too hot and cause an injury.

  1. Look and Listen for Trouble

One of the easiest water heater troubleshooting tips is to simply look and listen. You are looking for any water around the unit and listening for any noises coming from the tank. If you notice either issue, you likely want to call for professional help. Noises can mean that there is sediment inside the unit that has come loose, and the tank will need to be drained and cleaned. Water around the tank indicates that there is a loose valve or crack in the unit.

When you are in need of help with water heater troubleshooting, you can rely on our staff at General Plumbing. We can make suggestions for repairing or replacing your tank in order to get you hot water again. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (561) 771-0086

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