West Palm Beach Plumbing Noises

Have you ever gotten comfortable in bed after sunset, just to hear a sudden noise that makes you leap from under the covers? At night, when daily activities have ceased, every little noise suddenly becomes audible, and it can be a little scary if your plumbing system is making a racket. Our West Palm Beach plumbers want to reveal what strange plumbing noises are really all about…so that this Halloween you won’t jump to any of these outlandish conclusions.

You hear a dripping or trickling sound. Is it a hairy, scary, behemoth monster that just came from the dentist drooling on your sofa?

Nope! It sounds like you probably have a water leak. Sometimes you can’t hear them during the day, but at night a dripping faucet can be enough to drive you crazy! Check around for leaking water, stains, or water damage. You may need a plumbing fixture repair or leak detection if you cannot find the leak. The scariest part: water leaks will cost you extra money on your water bill!

You flush the toilet and then your sink gurgles. Is a three-eyed sewer creature about to crawl out of the drain?

Naw, we don’t think so. But your sink might not be properly vented, so when you flush the toilet it tries to draw air from the sink, resulting in a gurgle noise. A gurgling sink might also mean you need professional drain cleaning service to remove drain blockages.

You hear a loud banging noise. Is it a ghost plotting random acts of revenge against the living because there’s nothing good on TV?

Probably not. It sounds like maybe you have a plumbing pipe that is banging into something nearby it. If you hear banging pipes while running water, follow the sound and see if you can spot the noisy pipe. Then you can insulate it so that it will be cushioned from any close materials. If that doesn’t work, give General Plumbing a call!

For every strange noise that comes from your plumbing, our certified plumbers will find the cause and the solution! For plumbing problem diagnosis and expert plumbing repairs in West Palm Beach, call General Plumbing!

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