5 Ways Water Might Cause You Trouble at Home in West Palm Beach

At General Plumbing, we’re committed to conserving water in West Palm Beach because we know how important water is. We do what we can to improve water quality and prevent backflow to ensure that our community has fresh, clean drinking water. But, we understand that water can have a negative impact too—sometimes it causes costly water damages.

5 Water Damages to Avoid in West Palm Beach:

Flooding On Your Lawn – Water and sewer lines can burst and break because of aging pipe systems, root intrusion, clogged drain lines, and more. If you notice water puddling on your lawn, you might need pipe line repair or replacement. Luckily, we offer trenchless pipe relining technology to fix the problem and prevent further damage to your property.

Musty Laundry – While washing your laundry in cool water can help you to save on energy costs in West Palm Beach, it can also make your laundry musty if you don’t remove the items from the machine right upon completion of the load.

Unsightly Drink Rings – Expensive furniture can take a serious blow when a guest doesn’t use a coaster, so be sure to have plenty available. If you do end up with a drink ring, you may end up having to sand it away.

Overflowing Toilets – A clogged toilet can create a serious mess in your home. Try to avoid flushing items like paper towels, personal hygiene products, kitty litter, and baby wipes. If you need drain cleaning service to stop the madness, contact General Plumbing.

Ruined Wallpaper – While you might benefit from a hot, steamy shower, your wallpaper assuredly does not. The water-turned-steam can cause the wallpaper to bubble and wrinkle. When doing a bathroom remodel, opt for vinyl or another material that can withstand the moisture.

General Plumbing is here to make sure the water in your plumbing system stays where it is supposed to. If you ever have a plumbing emergency in West Palm Beach, don’t hesitate to give our local plumbers a call!