Learn How to Unclog Bathtub Drains

Most people can benefit by learning how to unclog bathtub drains. Long hair can accumulate in bathtub drains, making clogged drains a common issue. That is why we at General Plumbing provide first-tier service to ensure our customers do not have to deal with slow-draining water and slimy bathtubs.

Try It Yourself

Many people enjoy doing their own work and saving money. For these people, there are several ways to learn how to unclog bathtub drains available, including:

  • Hot water – Pour hot water down the drain to loosen clogs. (This is not effective if the drain is completely backed up and water is sitting in the tub.)
  • Plunger – Use a standard plunger with the hot water to loosen the obstruction.
  • Chemical drain opener – Use a standard product to remove the clog. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Also, make sure that your product choice matches your type of pipes. It is important to avoid a product that can damage the integrity of the drain plumbing.
  • Auger – Homeowners can purchase a drain auger from their local home supply store, or fashion one for themselves with a length of wire by bending the end of a small hook. This is the most effective method for clogged hair. However, it may require the homeowner to remove the grate above the drain opening.

Homeowners can use these methods for an approximate cost of less than $30.

Call Us

The safest, cleanest, and most effective way strategy to learn how to unclog bathtub drains is to contact a professional. Experts have had many hours in classroom training as well as the specific equipment they need to clear clogged drains correctly. Anytime you need Lake Worth, FL plumbing, contact General Plumbing at (561) 771-0086.

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