Toilet Leak Detection in West Palm Beach

A leaky toilet in your West Palm Beach home is no joke. If your toilet has a leak you could be losing 30-500 gallons of water a day and could see hundreds of dollars added to your next water bill. In fact, an sudden increase in your water bill is a good sign you have a toilet leak or plumbing leak. Some leaks are easy to detect, but a silent toilet leak is virtually impossible to detect by just looking at your toilet. So this week the expert plumbing technicians here at General Plumbing wanted to give you some tips on how to detect a silent leak using a dye test.

The first step in performing a dye test is to remove any cleaners from the tank. You want the water in the bowl and the tank to be clear and clean. Next add some dye to the toilet tank so that the water takes on a deep color. You can use coffee grounds, food coloring, or powdered drink mix. We suggest food color…otherwise you might end up with color tinged water for a while. Lastly, don’t allow anyone to use the toilet for a half hour. After the time is up check the toilet bowl. If the water has color than you have a silent toilet leak. A toilet that works properly will not have water passing from the tank to the bowl without being flushed.

If you have a toilet leak it is important that it gets repaired. Otherwise, you will continue to waste water and money because the toilet will be losing water even when it is not flushed. Call one of our qualified technicians to visit your home or business to determined if the problem can be repaired or if you need to start thinking about purchasing a new toilet.

Whether you’ve got a leaky toilet or something as serious as a gas leak, the experts at General Plumbing are here to assist West Palm Beachresidents and business owners with all their plumbing service needs. General Plumbing Red Carpet Service includes providing plumbing emergency assistance 24 hours a day, including holidays. Our answering service operators will promptly connect you with one of our technicians, should you require assistance after regular business hours. If you need reliable plumbing service done by experienced plumbing technicians, give General Plumbing a call today!

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