Avoid Water Leak Repair by Scheduling a Plumbing Inspection

Drastic changes in weather can cause devastating consequences for plumbing systems, with potential of pipes leaking and equipment failing. The hassle of emergency water leak repair can be costly, resulting in ruined carpeting, walls, furniture, and other belongings. General Plumbing wants to be your partner in protecting your home from plumbing problems and helping you deal with emergencies when they do happen.

Boston Residents Deal with Dozens of Water Leaks During One Short Cold Snap

In January 2014, Boston residents experienced an unexpected and extreme change in their weather, with swings from below freezing temperatures to warmer conditions. As a result, firefighters had to respond to more than 75 water leak repair incidents in less than 48 hours. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Problems caused by the extreme temperature swings included several water main breaks that led to sinkholes forming in the middle of streets, a fraternity home at MIT having 10 feet of water flooded into the basement, and a sprinkler pipe bursting on the third floor of an office building, destroying property on all three floors.

To avoid emergencies like this, have a qualified technician do a winter readiness inspection to make sure your systems are all prepared for winter. Even in a warmer climate such as Lake Worth, FL plumbing service may be needed to respond to water leak repair when pipes burst due to unexpected freezing temperatures.

Spend a Little Now to Save a Lot Later

Don’t get caught with a plumbing emergency on your hands. Call General Plumbing at (561) 771-0086 and let us do a winter readiness inspection to make sure your heating and plumbing systems are all set so you won’t have any unwelcome and unexpected water leak repair surprises this year.

Source: Boston Daily, “Water, Water Everywhere: Fire Officials Respond To Nearly 100 Leaks, Burst Pipes,” Steve Annear, January 6, 2014

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