4 Reasons to Choose pipe Relining Over Traditional Repair

If you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of having a cracked or damaged sewer pipe, you’ll have already looked at the options. You basically have 2; an old fashioned, timely and disruptive repair or a modern, quick and clean repair; guaranteed clean, guaranteed safe.

‘Traditional’ replacement or relining.

Here’s why you should choose relining:

  1. Traditional pipe laying or replacing involves a lot of mess; your yard will be torn up, the excavated soil piled up whilst the contractor replaces the pipe and then the trench gets backfilled. Except there ALWAYS seems to be some soil left over! And your yard will never look the same again.
  2. Usually, it will take a crew quite some time to dig that pipe out. Hiring manpower is expensive, multiply that by the amount of hours needed and it works out pretty expensive.
  3. Depending on the method of curing, pipe relining can be very quick; hot cured liner can be ready to go in as little as 30 minutes. Add the fitting time and you’re still only looking at a couple of hours. Pipe relining is the quickest, safest and most convenient way to repair that damaged pipe.
  4. Aside from a cheery wave when we arrive, you’ll never know that we’ve been; there is very little mess, certainly no major yard disruption and the water that reaches your faucet is guaranteed clean and safe.

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