How to Fix Clogged Sink Problems

Most homeowners agree that clogged sinks can be a pain in the neck. It is hard to decide how long to let it go. The water just goes down more and more slowly, until the owner is left with no choice. In the meantime, the sink looks gross, and owners can waste a lot of time waiting for the sink to drain. General Plumbing offers this brief tutorial on how to fix clogged sink problems.

Removing a Hair Clog

The most common clog for a bathroom sink is a mass of hair. For this type of clog, the baking soda / vinegar method will rarely work. In addition, using store-bought cleansers is risky business. A homeowner can weaken his or her pipes by using caustic chemicals. A better method for how to fix clogged sink problemsis through following steps:

Step 1: If possible, let the drain clear completely.

Step 2: Remove the sink stopper. In many cases, this is done by unscrewing the stopper in a counter-clockwise direction. If the stopper does not come up, do not force it. Just leave it in place.

Step 3: Purchase a drain auger at a local home supply store. Generally, there are large and small head augers available. The smaller ones are best for sinks. Augers are also available in many lengths. The shortest will generally work well. Most hair clogs gather within the first 12 inches in the pipe below the drain.

Step 4: Place a paper towel, folded in quarters, nearby to hold the hair.

Step 5: Ease the auger into the drain, past the stopper if necessary, and past the stopper holder as well. Draw up the hair a bit at a time. When the clog is cleared, the auger will meet no resistance.

Step 6: Test the sink. The water should flow without obstruction.

This is an effective method for clearing bathroom sinks and bathtubs. However, it may not be pretty, or even convenient, and sometimes will not fix the problem completely. Homeowners who do not want to bother learning how to fix clogged sink problems can simply contact General Plumbing at (561) 771-0086 and let the Lake Worth, FL Plumbing repair experts do the job.

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