Running Toilet Repair in West Palm Beach

While known as a noisy nuisance, a running toilet may actually end up costing you money in wasted water. Toilets that run are generally easy to repair, but unfortunately, many homeowners simply ignore them or they don’t believe that they have the know-how to fix them. As a result, General Plumbing, Inc. would like to offer the following DIY tips for homeowners facing a toilet that runs:

1.) Take the Lid Off

When investigating a toilet that runs, you should always take the lid off of the tank; inside, you’ll generally find the problem. Most tanks work using a variety of standard components, including flappers, floats, valves and overflow tubes. With most toilets that run, there is generally a problem with at least one of these components, but you may also be facing a variety of problems from a variety of components.

2.) Check the Flapper

Your toilet’s flapper is the mechanism that either seals off the tank from the bowl or allows water to enter the bowl upon flushing. Flappers can become worn or misaligned, leading to a running toilet. Essentially, if you have a worn or misaligned flapper, your toilet will be fooled into think that it is in a constant state of flushing, leading to the need for essential toilet repairs. Make adjustments as necessary, ensuring that the flapper seals against the base of the tank after flushing and that it opens properly upon flushing.

3.) Check the Valve

The valve located inside of your toilet’s tank basically tells the toilet when to stop running. If the valve is not adjusted correctly, it may not allow your toilet’s tank to fill to the correct level, leading to constant running. In order to determine if you have a problem with your toilet’s valve, inspect the inside of the toilet for the proper waterline. You may also need to consult your toilet’s manual to determine the proper valve setting for reaching the optimum amount of water in your toilet’s tank.

If you’ve tried the above steps and are still facing a toilet that runs, or if you’re seeking plumbing repair or the general services of a plumber in West Palm Beach, please give General Plumbing, Inc. a call today at (561) 771-0086.

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