Prevent Freezing Pipes this Winter with Your West Palm Beach FL Plumber

Your West Palm Beach FL plumber,General Plumbing, wants to make sure you are properly winterized before the first frost hits. Your home can often have pipe breaks or plumbing lines can freeze if preventative plumbing maintenance is not overseen.

Homes that have a kitchen sink facing the outside wall are more susceptible to freezing and precautions need to be taken when the first freeze arrives. Newer houses have plumbing brought up through the ground and into the bottom of the cabinet while older homes often have pipes visible on the outside wall of the house. Watch the weather forecast as the temperature falls and it gets later in November and December. Open your cabinet doors below your sink during the first few winter freezes and allow the warmer air to pass over the pipes and water lines. Also, it may be beneficial to place a space heater outside your cabinet to ensure warm airflow over your plumbing.

Outside pipes and faucets are also a concern. Outside garden hoses are commonly left attached to outdoor faucets. The winter temperatures will freeze the garden hose which will, in turn, freeze the spigot or faucet. Removing your garden hose before it starts to freeze is a simple preventative measure that can help keep faucets working. You can always have an isolation valve installed from your West Palm Beach FL plumbing company so that the water can be shut off from the inside. Even with isolation valves you still need to drain the faucet of any excess or stored water it might have from pressure.

General Plumbing is your plumbing maintenance and pipe drain cleaning experts. For expert plumbing service, call your West Palm Beach plumbing repair specialists at (561) 771-0086 or visit them online to schedule plumbing repair and maintenance.

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