The Causes of Low Water Pressure

As any homeowner or renter knows, there are few things worse than the lack of a sufficient shower in the morning. Be it a cold shower or simply low-pressure, a mediocre morning shower can get your entire day off on the wrong foot. In order to solve this problem efficiently, one must find the root cause of their shower woes. Our West Palm Beach, FL, plumbing technicians at General Plumbing are here to help you determine the reasons for low-pressure.

One of the most common causes of a low-pressure shower may not even have anything to do with your home. It could be due to those around you, or (if you’re in an apartment) the other tenants in your building. If you notice that your lack of water pressure only really occurs at a certain time in the morning, this could be due to your neighbors and fellow residents all taking a shower at the same time, rushing to get ready for their 9-5 job. The good news here is that there’s nothing you can do about this, besides rise a little earlier.

Another cause for insufficient water pressure would be mineral deposits. These are fairly common, as minerals can build up in your pipes over time as you use your water, be it in your faucet or showerhead. Thankfully for you, these are fairly simple to take care of. By simply unscrewing your showerhead or faucet and cleaning it out, you can break down the mineral buildup and give yourself a better flow.

As always, however, a low-pressure shower could be indicative of a larger problem looming, such as a leak. If the problem persists, call our West Palm Beach, FL, plumbing experts, as we are here to service your every plumbing need. Give us a call at (561) 771-0086 or contact us online today.

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